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Get Ready To Wave Unwanted Hair Goodbye With Bleame!

Our Crystal Hair Eraser is the ultimate solution for silky smooth skin. But before you start erasing, take a moment to read these simple instructions and care tips. Trust us, a little prep work goes a long way. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at .

Let's make your hair removal journey a breeze!


Prepping Your Eraser

  • Get your new Crystal Hair Eraser ready to shine! Rinse it under water to remove any manufacturing residue.
  • Wipe the surface clean and dry. This sets the stage for a smooth and effective hair-removing experience.
  • Don't let debris or dust get in the way of achieving maximum effectiveness!



Pore-Opening Pampering

  • Indulge in a warm shower for a spa-like experience: The steam from hot baths is a pore-opening, dirt-flushing treat for your skin.
  • Flush out the dirt and grime: The steam helps to soften body hair follicles, allowing dirt to wash away easily.
  • Don't overstay your welcome: Excessive shower time can strip your skin of moisture, so keep it short and sweet.



The Perfect Timing

  • Time your beauty routine: Hold off on applying creams and lotions before using the Crystal Body Hair Eraser for optimal results.
  • Let Bleame do its job: By avoiding the application of creams and lotions, you ensure that the Crystal Body Hair Eraser can do its job without any interference.
  • Get ready for silky smooth skin: By following this simple step, you'll be one step closer to achieving hair-free and silky smooth skin.


The Main Show

  • The moment has arrived: It's time to use the Crystal Hair Eraser for silky smooth skin.
  • Smooth glide, silky finish: While your skin is still partially damp, apply shaving gel, cream or any other shaving product to help the Crystal Hair Eraser glide effortlessly over your skin.
  • Perfection is just a step away: With this simple step, you'll be on your way to achieving a smooth, hair-free complexion.


The Nitty-Gritty

  • Effortless hair removal: Using moderate pressure, gently rub the Crystal Hair Eraser in circular motions on the desired area for about 10-15 rotations to effectively remove hairs.
  • Easy maintenance: Brush or wash away built-up hair from the eraser as needed.
  • Final touch: Rinse your skin with water and pat it dry for a refreshed and hair-free feel.


Handle With Care

  • Proper aftercare is key: For a long and healthy product life, make sure to wash, dry, and store the Crystal Hair Eraser properly after each use.
  • Protect your investment: By washing and drying your eraser, you'll keep it in tip-top shape for future hair removal sessions.
  • Keep it out of harm's way: Store the eraser in a dark and dry place to protect it from the elements and ensure it stays ready for its next hair-removing adventure.


Proper MANE-tenance

  • Keep your skin fresh: After using the Crystal Hair Eraser, wash the shaved areas to remove hair, dead skin, and any other debris.
  • Exfoliate with ease: The washing process will also help to exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Maintain skin health: Regular washing after using the eraser will help maintain the health and appearance of your skin.


Don’t Forget The Aftercare!

  • Pamper your skin: Roll out the red carpet for your favorite skincare products after using the Crystal Hair Eraser.
  • Hydration is key: Start with the products you held off on earlier, such as creams, oils, or lotions, to keep your skin hydrated and at its best.
  • The ultimate aftercare: By following this step, you'll give your skin the ultimate aftercare it deserves for a refreshed and revitalized feel.


Silky Smooth Skin Achieved💜

  • Hair erasing is associated with fewer skin irritations and ingrown hairs, as well as more even results compared to waxing and shaving.
  • When rubbing certain areas, you may need to apply a bit more pressure for better results.
  • If you have sensitive skin, always rub small areas at a time and gently for maximum comfort.
  • Bleame is safe for weekly use!
  • For any problems, inquiries or anything else, feel free to contact us at